Neurosymmetry operates the amazing and effective NeurOptimal brain training program.  What does it do?  As your personal trainer for the brain I run this computer program for you as you just sit in a comfortable recliner chair for 33 minutes.  While you listen to calming meditation style music and your brain is told how it is working via interruptions to the music you are listening too.  The beauty of this is that your brain knows what is best for you.  With this information it is able to improve its own function and calm down the central nervous system.  Just like going to the gym to become physically stronger and fitter, this is a training program.  The more sessions you have, the more resilient you should become.  I say should as there is no guarantee how your brain will respond.  However, in my seven years of being in practice, the vast majority of my clients have enjoyed great improvements in their quality of life.  This training program is seamless, painless and relaxing and is designed to place you back in charge of your life.




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