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Living to Thrive – Management Consulting

Milsons Point, Sydney, NSW 2061

Management consulting services to help you create a thriving workplace.

Living to Thrive is a management consulting company enabling leaders to help their employees thrive.

Chuck Anderson, principle consultant, is the co-founder of Living to Thrive and has a Bachelor of Science in Psychology, Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) certificate, diploma in risk management and is completing his Diploma of Positive Psychology. Over the last 22 years, he has worked across multiple sectors and industries, both in Australia and overseas, where he gained a wealth of diverse experience and knowledge. Check out our website for more information. 

Here are a few services we can offer:

Mental Health and Wellbeing Workshops and Programs

Our workshops are evidence-based and grounded in lived experiences. We use our personal and professional experiences of managing mental health to relate to others in a way that helps them feel less isolated and abnormal. This structured and authentic storytelling approach highlights our shared human experiences and is the most effective way to connect and inspire. We offer a number of bespoke workplace workshops and programs covering a variety of topics used to support employee resilience and business success.

Some of our topics include: Building Resilience – Mindfulness – Stress Management – Self-Compassion – Self-Care – Building Optimism – Living and Thriving with Adult ADHD – Living and Thriving with Anxiety – Living and Thriving with Chronic Pain And more…

Mindfulness Program Design and Delivery 

Developing a sustainable mindfulness program in the workplace requires more than simply deploying a mobile application or offering mindfulness based webinars. Just like any other successful and impactful workplace initiatives, a mindfulness program requires ongoing engagement and commitment at all levels of an organisation.

We can partner with you to find success by: Designing strategic level plans -Coordinating and engaging with key stakeholders – Assessing current levels of employee mindfulness throughout the organisation using evidenced-based assessments, e.g. Mindfulness Attention and Awareness Scale (MAAS) – Holding focus groups with executives, senior leaders, managers and frontline employees – Building a network within your organisation to empower mindfulness champions – Supporting the development of communications embed mindfulness as a part of your culture. And more…

Wellbeing Program Assessment and Consultation

Where does your workplace wellbeing program stand against your strategic objectives, expectations and industry peers? We have the experience to support you in identifying areas of opportunity to help boost your program’s reach, value and impact at a strategic level.

We can partner with you to achieve this by:  Assessing the effectiveness of your current workplace wellbeing program through capturing key organisational data and completing comparative analysis against industry leaders and applicable government standards – Reducing or shifting program budgetary requirements by identifying under-utilised wellbeing investments – Holding focus groups with executive and senior leadership, managers and frontline employees to identify interests, areas of improvement and true engagement – Supporting the design of a revamped wellbeing framework that is driven by authenticity and effectiveness – Creating strategies to enhance program capability, reach and impact – Assessing workplace design characteristics to ensure wellbeing resources are accessible, visible and useful. And more…

Public Speaking

Our approach to public speaking on mental health and wellbeing is built on storytelling. This approach allows the speaker to connect with the audience through authenticity and relatability. The foundation of our delivery is based on the shared human experience that brings individuals, organisations and communities together. We have a number of topics that we can speak on or we can partner with you to develop what meets your needs and interest.

Some of the topics that we can speak to include: Mental Health and Wellbeing – Thriving in a Pandemic – Building Resilience to Thrive- Mindfulness, Creating a Sustainable Practice – Prioritisation and Commitment – Self-compassion, Importance and Power – Positive mindset, Creating and Sustaining – Life balance (formally work-life balance) – Stress Management – Living and Thriving with Mental Illness And more…


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