make-it-local.com.au is an online platform set up exclusively for locally owned and operated businesses in Australia.

How is make-it-local different from other directories?

Many of us business owners have subscribed to business listings where our listing just sits idle. Our vision is to make Australian local businesses more visible. We do this with regular posts on the make it local social channels that you can share to your pages.

We want to showcase your business and allow your personality to shine 

To start with, we strongly encourage our subscribers to add a photo of the business owner(s) in their listings. People buy from people, and this way we can leverage a sense of community and also provide an authenticity check.

Please let us know if there is anything else that you would like to see on this platform, via the contact form. Thank you!

video of a presentation that introduces the founder, Petra Goeltz, and the company make it local