Why you should sign up with Business Connect

Why you should sign up with Business Connect

If you are a small business owner or interested in starting a business in NSW, you should sign up with Business Connect. Business Connect is a NSW Government program that gives you access to free webinars, fact sheets and business advisors.

As part of the 2020-21 NSW Budget, the NSW Government committed $39.3 million to extend the Business Connect program for three years. This means that owners of small businesses across NSW can continue to access independent and confidential advice.

Apart from business advice and live webinars, there are also free on demand resources, available 24/7. These include Training videos, Podcasts and Fact sheets.

You can find training videos on the following topics:

  • business compliance
  • business disruption
  • creative business
  • digital
  • export-import
  • finance
  • innovation
  • management
  • marketing
  • planning
  • procurement
  • start-up

Podcasts about:

  • cybersecurity
  • regional business, working on the land
  • finding the right team
  • value and culture fit for NDIS businesses

Factsheets include information on:

  • continuity planning
  • dealing with a disaster
  • making insurance claims
  • how to start a business
  • the role of government
  • how to grow your business
  • stress management

So if you are based in NSW and have not yet signed on, get onboard and learn something new, refresh, or broaden your knowledge!

There are similar resources in other states. If you are outside NSW, you can also have a look at the Australian Government’s Business Entrepreneur’s Programme.

Other free resources

Have a look at these make-it-local blogs with information on tools and free resources for business owners located anywhere:



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