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Who should I host with?

Who should I host with?

Are you happy with your web host or are you considering a new web project? Read on to get some first-hand insight on web hosting providers.

Over the last ten years we have built a number of WordPress (WP) websites for small businesses and sole traders, and have first-hand experience with the following hosting solutions and providers:

  1. firstly, to introduce an emerging artist and showcase his work, we used a Premium WP theme and a hosting package with, as the owner updates content but does not need to change any code.
  2. secondly, for a website that uses a free WP theme from, the owner opted for Bluehost, as she needed low cost storage and wanted to be able to make changes to her website.
  3. thirdly, a growing business opted to host with SiteGround, because they customise their website regularly and needed a staging area to test code.

How is different? provides a hosted site, using web space provided by a hosting company. This means that you can publish your WP site quickly and easily. You also do not need to deal with design or technical issues such as ongoing updates and maintenance.

Whereas Bluehost and SiteGround offer self-hosting. Self-hosting gives you full access to your website files and code and you can therefore make changes, add functions, and customise your website any time.

What are the differences between Bluehost and SiteGround?

table comparing bluehost and siteground

There are many hosting companies that we have not mentioned here, such as GoDaddy, DreamHost, etc. The reason is that we have no first-hand experience with these.

Our customers and we, however, have excellent experience with the hosting solutions mentioned in this post. Our personal favourite is SiteGround.

The image above contains an affiliate link. Make it local may receive a small commission if you sign up to SiteGround hosting.

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